Keeley Hazell’s very own private sex tape is a smashing hit

June 16th, 2008

Keeley Hazell is a young British model known for her enormous breasts and pretty face. She’s very sexy and very sensual to watch in her various photo shoots. With the release of her own sex tape, she’s now officially among the young celebrities who shot to fame (or notoriety) with their own private sex video. In this explicit tape, she can give Paris a run for her money with her blowjob skills. She sucks her boyfriend’s cock greedily, all the while talking dirty to him with her sexy British accent. Then it’s her turn to be eaten as she spreads her long legs and exposes her shaved pussy for her boyfriend. Then they fuck vigorously as all young couples do. Keeley’s a nice fuck in this video and you can hear her moaning deliciously as they continued fucking. Check out the screencaps available here and if you’re hungry for more, just click the link for other Teenage Celebrity Porn!

Paris Hilton is still the undisputed queen of teenage celebrity porn

June 16th, 2008

One Night in Paris has been around for years now and in my opinion, it is still the most famous of all the sex tapes done by celebrities. Even Pam and Tommy’s breakthrough sex scandal might pale compared to this one in terms of popularity and profit gained from the perpetrators. The hotel heiress just became more known worldwide with this video, and she even went on to make more movies, produce her own album, fragrances, and clothing line after the scandal. It became a turning point in her career where she became more successful after the release of the tape. As you might know, the tape features Paris when she was just nineteen years old with then boyfriend Rick Salomon. The tape is extremely explicit and you get to see Paris in various states of drunkenness and nudity. The couple also fucks in several occasions but Paris’ blowjob towards the end of the video is easily the highlight of the tape. She gobbles Rick’s cock like a sex-starved nymph (which I guess she was when she was just nineteen). Anyway, feel free to look at the screencaps of the infamous sex tape.

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Kim Kardashian and Ray J mix it up and finally released this private sex video

June 16th, 2008

Aside from her socialite status, what else does Kim Kardashian have in common with best friend Paris Hilton? Her own sex tape of course! Kim said she wasn’t selling the video because she didn’t need the money but apparently, someone else did. Porn peddler Vivid Video bought the tape from an unknown source for a whopping $1 million. They want to sell the video and believe that it will be the next big hit in celebrity scandals. Co-chairman of Vivid Video Steve Hirsch said, “…I’ve seen the video and it’s really great. It has over 30 minutes of explicit sex that fans of erotica will find very appealing…” Check out some sample screenshots so you’ll know what to expect from this hot babe and Brandy’s little brother.

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Olsen twins in explicit blowjob photos!

June 16th, 2008

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the promiscuous, filthy-rich twins have once again managed to create controversy but this time it’s a whole lot bigger. Apparently, the twins are caught in a sex scandal. Photos of the sisters have been spread throughout the web engaged in oral sex with different men! Here are some of the explicit photos that are spreading like wild fire in the Internet. Check them out and you be the judge if these two girls really are capable of the hardcore blowjobs shown in the images.

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